Phillip Lim Presents: Overalls!


Has it ever struck you that your pants are just too easy to remove? Perhaps they've slid down your legs too quickly in a gross restroom, puddling on the dirty floor and making you feel unsanitary when you pull them back up. Or maybe you've whipped them off in the heat of a regrettable decision, and if you'd just had one more button-grappling moment to ponder the implications of your undress, you would've saved yourself.

For whatever reasons, should you be thus desiring of more convoluted pants, Phillip Lim is here to help. His spring 2013 collection featured several pairs of overalls, including one made of bubble-gum pink suede (or, as the show notes described it, "raspberry nubuck"). He also continued his signature tie-front bottoms, which give the illusion of having a cardigan wrapped around one's waist and would also add an extra step to the de-pants-ing process. You know fashion: always here to improve your life by making it more complicated.