Rockaway Beach Street Style


From what we saw on the boardwalk during the last summer weekend at Rockaway Beach, surf culture might be as cool as it was during the days of Tom Wolfe's Pump House Gang —  just with more diversity and tattoos. The season ended in a blaze of pastel nails, smudged eyeliner, and My Little Pony dye jobs. Saturday and Sunday's high temps brought out the last of the string bikinis, breezy printed cotton dresses, and shorts (cutoff denim shorties for women, longer preppy brights for men), while Monday's more overcast skies called for skinny jeans, long-sleeved denim work shirts, and, in one male model's case, a chunky sunflower-patterned pullover — a nice way of keeping a little bit of August alive. Enjoy the parting shots of the season.