The Sarah Jessica Parker Look Book

Now synonymous with Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, it's sometimes hard to believe that Sarah Jessica wore clothes before the show premiered in 1998 — yet she did! For Parker, the eighties were about jean jackets, blazers paired with overalls and floppy hats, bras as tops, fringed suede coats, and some amount of sartorial coordination with Robert Downey Jr. When the nineties (and Matthew Broderick) rolled around, SJP stuck to simpler styles (think monochromatic maxi dresses); however, come 2000, at the height of her "I Can't Help But Wonder ... " fame, it was back to blazers (this time, tailored) and bras as tops, along with any designer gown she wanted. These days, she keeps popping up in creations by big-name labels — and Philip Treacy hats, of course — but she balances her wardrobe, opting for more sensible garb when she's out with her kids. Click ahead to see some of her fashion highlights.