Sharon Stone Was in Fine Fettle at the amfAR Gala


After Sharon Stone was hospitalized in Milan last week with a severe migraine, some folks were worried she wouldn't be able to host the amfAR gala on Saturday as planned. But she bounced back — and by that, we mean folded herself into a fresh-off-the-runway Cavalli dress with what we're going to call shredded side panels and a rectangular neckline that framed her cleavage like a portrait — and rallied, big time. In fact, one could say she seemed livelier than ever, judging by all the cavorting that she and her boobs are doing in photos from the event. Journey with us through her festive evening, and the next time you're feeling too tired to go out, just slap on some body glitter, find yourself some Italian twins, and let the rest take care of itself.