Topless Kate Middleton Photos Continue Their European Tour

Carina Lofkvist, editor in chief of the Swedish tabloid Se & Hoer. Photo: Getty Images

Although the topless photos of Duchess Catherine have been banned in France, they're still fair game in other countries, and Swedish magazine Se & Hør (which translates to See & Hear) has published "60 to 70" of the images in a sixteen-page supplement, out today. Yes, a full supplement dedicated to Kate's boobs! What's more, the tabloid told WWD that they were offered a total of 240 images to choose from, although they wouldn't disclose the supplier nor how much they cost. Their Danish sister publication will also run the images later this week. (Somewhere, Rupert Murdoch is being forcibly restrained by his colleagues.) But don't worry, guys: Galliano's lawyer is surely on top of this.

Topless Kate Middleton Photos Seized and Banned in France