Abortion Providers at Sea Blocked From Morocco

Photo: Women on Waves Foundation

Dutch abortion-activists-at-sea Women on Waves were blocked from docking in international waters outside Smir, Morocco, where abortion is illegal, to provide medical abortions for women up to six and a half weeks pregnant, reports the BBC. The Moroccan government shut down the port for undisclosed military reasons as an anti-abortion protest formed at the docks. The group still plans on dispensing information about how women can perform self-abortions — also illegal — using a drug sold over the counter for ulcers. Women on Waves was invited to Morocco, its first Muslim country, by a youth group called, fittingly ,“Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms.” In The Daily Beast reporter Michelle Goldberg's explainer on Women on Waves, founder Rebecca Gomperts said, “We never see abortion as an isolated issue. It’s part of the fundamental human right of autonomy and sexual freedom.”