Carla Bruni Ordered $1,100 Worth of Carryout

Photo: Corbis

The former French "first lady," Nicolas Sarkozy, and "a group of seven" (our dinner-guest guesses: Aurélien, baby Giulia, Cécilia and Richard Attias, Olivier Sarkozy, and the Olsen twins) ate at Amaranth on the UES over the weekend, taking a ton of food to-go for Carla and Sarko's private flight back to France. The Post writes, "Owner Paola Pedrignani had to bicycle up to her sister restaurant Gina La Fornarina, on East 91st Street, to collect the pizzas made just as Carla likes them — crispy crust and soft cheese." WHAT? Carla was in the city and she didn't even call?!