Donatella Versace: ‘What Is Tacky?’


Susie Bubble nabbed a brief interview with the designer during Milan Fashion Week, and the two talked about the spring 2013 Versace and Versus collections, shopping online, and reading blogs. Then, Diplomat Bubble asked Donatella, "How do you feel when people think of Versace, and think maybe it's a little bit tacky, or there's a bit of bad taste involved? Do you see those as good things?" She responded, "First of all, a reaction is a good thing anyway. The people who struggle are the ones with no reactions at all, so, I mean, they're too safe. Tacky, never mind — what is tacky? What is chic?" And, as to whether blondes have more fun, Donatella said, "I mean, I don't remember being darker, so I'm not able to judge by color!" Yuk. "No, blonde is more extreme, and I like extreme."