Lindsay Lohan: I Lied About Dina’s Cocaine Use

Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/Corbis

Lindsay Lohan called "TMZ Live" today to deliver a statement she'd "drafted" about the domestic dispute with her mother, Dina, two nights ago, defending Dina and slamming her father, Michael, for publicizing the incident for personal gain. The police were called to Lohan's Long Island home early yesterday morning but did not make any arrests. Later that afternoon, TMZ published an audio recording of Lindsay calling her father, complaining that her mother was holding her against her will and had been asking for money and using cocaine. "I told a hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom," Lohan confessed today, "She does not do cocaine, clearly, and that's a fact. She's an amazing woman."

Lohan, crying, told TMZ's Harvey Levin that her father, whose "main objective is to gain all he can from [her] name," had told her he wasn't recording the call. "While he makes money selling these recordings, he doesn't pay child support." she said. "I might lose jobs over this, and he doesn't care." Asked if Dina had been drinking the night of their fight, she said, "That's my dad that had that issue, and I got it from that side of the family." There are more depressing details about Lindsay's turbulent upbringing and Dina's bizarre Dr. Phil appearance in the audio recording, available at TMZ, but the worst moment might be when Lohan reveals her familiarity with her tabloid tormentors. "I've always been honest with you guys," she said, "I have no reason to lie about this."