Rodarte Designs Stocking Stuffers for Starbucks

Rodarte for Starbucks. Photo: Rodarte/Starbucks

Kicking off this holiday season's mashup of random collaborations: Rodarte for Starbucks, available starting November 13. The label has designed a limited-edition collection of gift cards, coffee mugs, tote bags, and cup sleeves with a pixellated green print, marking the coffee chain's first-ever partnership with a fashion brand. Samie Barr, vice-president of Starbucks's category brand management, tells the AP that they're hoping Rodarte can help "[put] us on the map as a true inspirational gifting destination."

And why did Rodarte want to do this, being such a specialized indie label and all? Designer Laura Mulleavy explained that the partnership came easily because she and her sister Kate are daily coffee drinkers. Also:

We felt we had a broad audience of customers. We look for unique and differentiated, not necessarily looking for 'mainstream.' ... People buy with their eyes.

People also buy when they are undercaffeinated, late for work, and just remembered that they forgot to get their cousin/sister-in-law/assistant a Christmas gift.