Suzanne Shaw ‘Not Doing Hoopla-Hoops for the Cameras’ Like Christie Brinkley Is

Actress Christie Brinkley attends 2012 World Smile Day in Times Square on October 5, 2012 in New York City. Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

Yesterday, the Post printed part of an e-mail from 17-year-old Jack Brinkley-Cook, which read: "My mom [Christie Brinkley] is not and has never been 'obsessed' with either my father's wife [Suzanne Shaw], nor my father [Peter Cook] or their relationship." And, he added, "there have been many instances where I have heard my father's wife mention my mother." Today, the Post ran a message from Shaw, who wrote: "I am in Indonesia truly mourning the recent passing of my mother, not doing hoopla-hoops for the cameras as Christie is," referring to Brinkley's Hula-Hooping on World Smile Day.

Shaw went on, "It is no secret Christie wants to be in the spotlight at any cost ... I think we can all agree, she has thoroughly punished Peter far beyond his ... infidelity of six years ago for which he remains irrevocably sorry. Once and for all, it is time to move on!" But, before we do, question: Does the Post have separate in-box folders for Shaw, Brinkley, and Miscellaneous Family Members? Just one folder? A filter, maybe? I can never get to Inbox Zero, or whatever, and I'm looking for some organizational tips.