Ten Beauty Products That Look Like Sex Toys


That sleek Guerlain lipstick bullet in your makeup bag could easily be mistaken for the Lelo Orga, an 18-carat gold dildo. That Lancome mascara? It now vibrates. And it's hard to take a look at Conair's wide (and stout!) curling iron without thinking that its one-inch circumference might not be quite enough. In fact, many of the buzzing, glowing, or otherwise sleek tools that line the shelves of Sephora have begun to look so much like sex toys that we're surprised there aren't yet strange blogs devoted to off-label testing. And, as packaging and branding and innovation seem to become more intense with each new beauty season, you no longer even need to stretch your imagination. For a little help getting there, click through our slideshow to see the biggest offenders, plus the sex toys they most closely resemble. (NSFW.)