Ten Witches Whose Beauty Regime We’d Steal


With all those eye of newt, tongue of dog, and toe of bat potions, most witches don't have the best beauty game. In folklore and fairytales, they're cast as shadowy figures with bulbous chin moles, matted-down hair — from those pointy-hat wearing, broom zooming days —  and mottled, pock-marked skin. That's why, throughout all eternity, there's few very curse-wielding broads who have broken past those sinister stereotypes. But there are exceptions to this rule. Click through to see Neve Campbell and her sexy school girl coven in The Craft; Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as the spell-casting sisters in Practical Magic; Blake Lively's big sister from her Teen Witch days, and more, in our slideshow of smokin' witches.