Adventures in Hair Removal: Arm Waxing

Photo: Corbis

Chances are that unless your arm hair is particularly dense, you've probably never thought of having it all removed. If you're going to lie down on a table with a stranger and spend money to have them rip hair off your unsuspecting body parts, you'd probably start with more obvious, annoying-to-shave choices like your bikini area or even your underarms. Prompted by a particular sleeveless evening dress I plan to wear to this year's round of holiday parties, I decided at the last minute that I'd have my forearms waxed as an addition to my usual underarm treatment. Surprisingly, it was the least painful wax experience of my life.

The entire process took about fifteen minutes. After a total of eight quick strips on each arm, my aesthetician rubbed them down with oil so they glisten. Who knows how long this will last, but it's a trick I plan to use before each party I attend. I might even try waxing myself next time, since Completely Bare makes their at-home kits, and it was so easy. In the meantime, I keep looking down at my immaculate forearms and petting them periodically. Creepy? Totally. I can’t wait to do it again.