Settling Into Winter Wardrobes at the IFP Awards


Last night, a flock of celebrities attended the IFP's 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York, where it was chilly and windy and generally not fun to be in a cocktail dress. The wise ones covered up: Tilda Swinton wore the perfect (of course) jacket-and-pants combination, while Marina Abramovic, Allison Williams, and Agyness Deyn all wore sleeves. The rest of the actresses, however, exposed their shoulders, bared their sternums, and soldiered on in all their goosebumped glory, including Emily Blunt and Amy Adams.* One trend was clear, though — almost everyone wore black or some neutral color, perhaps because the wintery weather made them feel somber. The one exception: Lara Stone, her pregnant belly resplendent in a clingy, Santa-red dress.

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* This slideshow has been updated: Charlize Theron and Elizabeth Olsen weren't there this year.