Carla Bruni Doesn’t Need to Be Feminist

Photo: Vogue Paris

Caaaaarlaaaaa covers the January issue of French Vogue, and inside, the invitée d'honneur remarks, "We don't need to be feminist in my generation." "Instead she suggests a woman's place is in the home with her children," writes the Telegraph. Carla continues, "There are pioneers who opened the breach ... I'm not at all an active feminist. On the contrary, I'm a bourgeois. I love family life, I love doing the same thing every day." Like standing on spare copies of Le Deuxième Sexe to reach the high shelves in the kitchen. But, Carla says, "I'm rather in favour of homosexual marriage and adoption ... I've lots of friends — women and men — who are in this situation and I don’t see anything unstable or perverse in homo-parental families." Eh, you win some, you lose some.