The Cate Blanchett Look Book

With her regal posture, porcelain skin, and aristocratic cheekbones, Cate Blanchett could look pulled-together even in her pajamas. The Australian-born mother of three has genetics on her side — she once told Vogue she lost her pregnancy weight purely by wearing heavy costumes for her role as Queen Elizabeth — and usually wears very little makeup, tossing her blonde hair back into a ponytail or, as she's done in the past, just chopping it all off. She usually spends her off-duty hours in jeans, fitted jackets, and dark-rimmed glasses; for red carpets, she stays faithful to Armani. Although she used to try funkier outfits (witness the striped pants, red pirate boots, and blue neckwear of 2006), nowadays she sticks to sleek, carefully tailored gowns and structured bodices. Click through our slideshow to see the actress's best fashion moments through the years.