Here’s Anna Wintour’s Birthday Suit

Taking refuge from Sandy-related power outages at the Mark Hotel. Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Anna Wintour turns 63 tomorrow. She's hardly one for big birthday bashes — carbs aren't really Vogue's thing — but how will she spend her day since the power's still out in her West Village neighborhood? She's currently taking shelter at the Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side (see photo of her entering yesterday, above), so she'll probably have to stay confined to the immediate area. Will she meet Suri for a cucumber sandwich at Alice's Teacup? Finally take up Stephen Colbert on his Long John Silver's date? Wander down Madison Avenue and purchase herself a nice new mink?

Most likely, Jean-Georges will send a lovely flourless chocolate cake up to her room and fellow Mark Hotel guests/Vogue favorites Marc Jacobs and Emma Stone will swing by and sing happy birthday. (You're welcome for the reminder, guys!)

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