How Downtown Dressed After Sandy


Whether dressing by candlelight is a good thing or a bad thing seemed debatable to the people we met yesterday in the streets of downtown Manhattan. Some liked the intimacy that a phone-free world had enabled; some were missing their flatirons. Since electricity is still out for many and the temperatures have dropped, outfits were layered and hair was left unwashed. We met lots of people returning from outer-borough refuge to their homes, in search of clean underwear or contact lenses. A few subways are starting to creak and screech along. The skies are clear; the air is crisp. The storm’s over, but one thing was certain: As they emerged from their homes into the messed-up streets, many were still thinking about style — which we're going to take as a sign of resiliance

Editor's note: Gothamist thinks this story is in poor taste. Others see the attempt to continue normal life in the face of hardship as inspirational. That's the spirit in which it was intended, but has been covering Sandy from many angles. Here are a few other stories you may wish to read, in addition to countless rolling news updates on the relief efforts, which can be followed over at Daily Intel.

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