Kate Middleton’s New Bangs Continue Perilous Royal Tour


Anyone who's ever tried bangs knows that you leave the salon feeling great, your new fringe bouncing in the breeze and brushing coquettishly against your eyelashes. What a great decision, you think, checking yourself out in every available reflective surface. Then you encounter the perils of environmental factors. Gusts of wind become disastrous. Hats are a recipe for greasy strands plastered to your face. And morning hair? Forget about it.

Kate Middleton's brand-new bangs are relatively subtle and thus less disaster-prone. However, she's still not immune to the problems that come with bang territory. During a lengthy public appearance yesterday afternoon, she contended with wind, rain, and even cookies — the last of which isn't technically bangs-related, but still. Click ahead to see how she weathered these obstacles.