Outfit of the Week: Natural Sciences


With its sleek, polished leather and aquamarine dark-green fur, Alexander Wang's Prisma tote serves as quite a specimen, catching the eye of any flora-fauna enthusiast. She has an unfussy, streamlined look and loves collecting baubles from nature: geodes, fossils, butterflies, and other creatures, naturally gravitating to the pattern of things under a microscope. On any ordinary day, she's out exploring in Mango's soft corduroy trousers paired with Madewell's crisp tuxedo shirt and Zara's motorcycle bootie. She tops it off with a dark-green, lablike coat, like this wool-blend one from H&M. And because she can't resist the idea of a little world within a world, a diamond-shape terrarium is her version of utopia.

JechoryGlassDesigns Geometric Terrarium Pod, $33; GemsPebblesandBeads Druzy Agate Geode Slices, $32; Mango Corduroy Trousers, $50; Zara Flat Ankle Boot With Trim, $90; A.L.C. Bondage Ring, $145; H&M Jacket, $80 at H&M, 558 Broadway, New York; (212) 343-2722; Madewell Tux Boyshirt, $72; Tracey Tanner Medium Leather Pouch, $45; Alexander Wang Prisma Tote, $1,700.