The Times Disapproves of Ali Velshi’s ‘Shapeless’ Windbreaker

Ali Velshi and the offending windbreaker. Photo: CNN

Weatherpersons, you have labored long and hard this week. You have rolled up your shirtsleeves, removed your ties, and gone about the dirty work of reporting on Hurricane Sandy's windspeeds, flood levels, and surge times. You have waded through raw sewage, dead rats, live wires, and goodness knows what else to show us just how gnarly it is out there, and we appreciate your service. But guys, the Times wishes you had some cuter raincoats. Those red windbreakers weren't very flattering when you were up to your knees in seawater.

From today's Times:

The image of the business reporter Ali Velshi, in a red windbreaker, stumbling pitifully in the Atlantic City rain for hours, made for a memorable contrast with that of Anderson Cooper, who wasn’t having any of that.

Mr. Cooper, reporting from Asbury Park alongside Rob Marciano (dressed, like Mr. Velshi, in CNN-issued red), was layered up in a spiffy storm jacket from Carhartt.

Gawd, CNN, you really messed this one up.