Ashley Judd’s Senate Campaign Looks Legit

Photo: Russ Elliot/Corbis

After months of rumors that Kentucky native Ashley Judd will challenge the state's powerful Republican leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, in 2014, Politico reports that she's laying the groundwork for a campaign. That includes meeting with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, talking to a Democratic pollster, and doing opposition research on herself, to see where she's vulnerable. Auto-opposition research sounds stressful (Who really wants to know what people are saying behind their back?), but it's hard to imagine anyone better equipped to handle it than a Hollywood actress over the age of 40. What male politician ever got a memo noting that, since going up one dress size, she looked like a "cow" and a "pig" who "better watch out" because her husband "is looking for his second wife?"