Demi Moore Was in Fine Form Last Night


I read in the Daily News this morning that actress Demi Moore “exhibited bizarre behavior” at a Chanel beach party down at Art Basel Miami. I wasn't invited or anything but, after looking at the photos, I got the feeling that she was just being the ideal party guest. To prove it, I was going to just post this one photo of Moore dancing with the Brant brothers looking bored in the background, but the more photos I looked at, the harder it became to choose just one. They all looked so fun. Moore wore cute glasses (taking out your contacts after a long night out is the worst), there was ping-pong, Lenny Kravitz, Rupert Murdoch's wife, and that professional wrestler George Clooney dates. At one point, it appears Moore found a cat! So we made a slideshow. But it is not a slideshow about concern-trolling Demi Moore for whatever unspecified drug problems TMZ claims she has, or for talking about what is or is not appropriate for a woman — a mother — of her age. This is a slideshow about how we all should pray to God that we are half as hot and fun as Demi Moore looks in this slideshow when we’re 50. Or even right now, actually.