Listen: Kate Upton, the Song

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis

Via the Telegraph comes "Body," a dance track by British singer Victoria Aitken ("the thirty-something daughter of a disgraced former Cabinet minister"). She told the paper that the ditty "is for all women," and "for the 'Kate Upton' and how they are changing the way we should feel about our body." Inspired by the model's shift from Sports Illustrated to Vogue, Aitken wanted to write "lyrics to a song that truly embraces moving freely." Like: "Get down, everybody / Leave your body / We're touching on the dance floor," and, "Rock down, everybody / Love your body / We're touching on the dance floor."

"Body" is on YouTube (set to an image not of Upton), but, the Telegraph writes, "Aitken's track has been signed by German record label Haiti Groove, home to DJ Boy George, and will be released in the German dance charts in the New Year" ... and remixed with, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" by the summer.