Male Gaze: The Man With the Dropping Ball

TV personality Ryan Seacrest arrives at the premiere of "New Years Eve" held at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Photo: Frank Trapper/Corbis

Tonight, as we watch Ryan Seacrest announce a giant and glittering ball is dropping in Times Square, let's take a moment to pay him some respect. He is pretty good at that whole hosting thing, even as this is the first New Year’s Eve that he won’t have an assist from Dick Clark (R.I.P.). For the big night, as with all of his other big nights, Seacrest will probably wear a Burberry tuxedo, because he looks good in those. And though many of us will spend our night looking at the television, talking about how small or slight this man looks, it’s worth admitting a few things: The smile is nice. And the eyes are, too. So, maybe, just for an evening, we’ll give the guy a break?

Happy New Year, oh Cut readers. We’ll see you back here on Wednesday.