Male Gaze: The Weekend Billionaire

Photo: Stephane Reix/Corbis

While much of the men and women in Congress are sad about this whole fiscal cliff business, here’s one man who is certainly not too worried: Vladislav Doronin, Russian billionaire and boyfriend to one Ms. Naomi Campbell (who may or may not have broken up his first marriage). We can’t blame the supermodel, though, as this property mogul ain’t so bad on the eyes: perma-tanned, but in a French Riviera, not Jersey Shore, sort of way. The strong jaw, brilliantly cropped haircut, prominent nose, and icy blue eyes almost have us offended, on his behalf, that some call him “Russia’s Donald Trump.” We’d love to take him in for a few days and soothe his wounded ego as a storm approaches — so long as Naomi doesn’t come at us in her wheelchair. Plus, did we mention Vlady's rich? Just saying.