Reasons to Not Wear Red Eye Makeup

Photo: Jimi Celeste/Patrick McMullan

Last night, Kristen Stewart attended the On the Road screening in New York wearing another sheer-paneled get-up and reddish-pink eye shadow that is reminiscent of raw meat. As the penultimate golden rule to makeup artistry, it's one shade in the spectrum that should be avoided in the eye zone. It can make your peepers look bloodshot, or worse, like you have pink eye. The one time it might actually work is when the pigment is Crayola-crayon vivid, which can look punky or even costumey-good on the eccentric right person. It's also too bright to be passed off as looking zombie-ish, which is happening here with K Stew. But, hey, maybe we're completely wrong and she got socked in both eyes? Or is auditioning for the sequel to Les Miz (that exist yet, Hollywood?)