Will the Future K-Kid Be This Adorable?


As any expectant parent knows, a favorite pastime while you're waiting for a baby is obsessing over what he or she will look like. Your rational mind is set aside as you spend hours poring over old family photos that might give insight into the beauty of your future offspring. Once the child is born, it's even worse. You drag those photos out again and find yourself saying semi-logical things: Look, you were totally fat as a baby too!  Look at my ears in that photo, sticking out just like hers!

This week, we've all become expectant parents in this global royal-gestation period, so we might as well whip out the photos (at least on one side of the family tree) and figure out what we've got in store. But it's going to be tough to top the cuteness of the princes when they were little. For evidence, click through our slideshow to see William and Harry (devilishness in evidence quite early on) playing with "toy" motorcycles, holding tiny skis, and getting hugs. That, and loads of chubby yet regal chipmunk cheeks.