Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the Stars

Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis

When former First Lady hopeful Ann Romney demonstrated a working knowledge of Dancing With the Stars during a campaign stop at Good Morning America, the Cut cynically suspected she was faking her enthusiasm for the televised dancing competition in order to have at least one shared interest with American voters.

So imagine our surprise when, less than a month after the election (while husband Mitt was processing the loss with introspective trips to Disneyland and the gas station), Mrs. Romney was spotted backstage at the taping of the Dancing With the Stars season finale, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in tow. Unfortunately for fellow fans, her enthusiasm will not extend to participation in the show. "DWTS honchos approached Ann about the gig just after her hubby lost the election and she was 'very interested,'" TMZ reports. "Ann and producers had several meetings to try to hash out the details, but Ann ultimately decided against it." Here's the best part: A suddenly-not-so-busy Romney rep gave comment on the story. "Ann Romney was approached, but she declined," a Romney rep told TMZ. "She will not be appearing on 'Dancing with the Stars.'" Which leaves the Palins alone at the intersection of failed Republican campaigns and reality television. But for how long?