Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Promo: Brooklynette-Inspired?

Beyonce and Brooklynettes.

At first glance, you'd think that Beyoncé's new Super Bowl promo is meant to make her look like a sexy referee. It's a popular trope — just visit the costume section at Ricky's. But let's dig deeper: With the tall black boots, graphic black-and-white stripes, and tight spandex, this outfit could double as a uniform for the Brooklynettes — and since Jay-Z's a part-owner, the connection is obvious. Bey's Super Bowl show will basically just be a glorified dance team performance with her mouthing words anyway, right? If you squint at the picture, the partially obscured football she's cradling could even double as a basketball, particularly for those of us who can barely tell the difference between the two sports and only watch for the halftime entertainers and the chance to mooch nachos.