Chris Burch Finally Gets in a Dig at Tory

Chris Burch. Photo: Kyle Ericksen/Corbis

When asked the no-brainer of whether he was happy to have that messy lawsuit against Tory Burch settled and over with, Chris took the opportunity to play victim. "I've been getting so much good press. I mean, everybody loves me," he joked at yesterday's WWD CEO summit. "Who wouldn’t like a 60-year-old guy? They’re going to love me a lot more than a beautiful 32- or 42-year-old woman." He then added, more quietly, "Well, actually, Tory’s 39." Ohhh, burn. He then retreated to the high road: "Tory’s an amazing woman. We built a great company together. I’ve moved on." Not enough to forget her birthday, apparently.