The Clarins Sisters Do Their Own Makeup


Last September, right while the Courtins-Clarins girls were attending New York Fashion Week, they also debuted their very own beauty site, Beauty Flash Blog. An introductory video showed the granddaughters of Clarins founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, dressed oh-so-Frenchly, walking through New York's cobblestone meatpacking district looking so much like another well-dressed foursome, the Sex and the City ladies. "We're all Sarah Jessica," Virginie said with a laugh, when the Cut sat down for a Diet Coke break with them at their favorite hotel, the Crosby, between shows last fall. "But nobody is Samantha, I think."

Since then, the crew has consistently updated their site with helpful videos on skincare tips and personal beauty routines. This month, however, is all about another launch for the Clarins company: the brand's Double Serum, an anti-aging formulation that's been in the works for the last 27 years —  exactly how old the eldest Clarins girl, Virginie, is.

It's a skin-firming, revitalizing, and perfecting treatment product that improves the girls' first beauty priority, their complexions. "My grandfather taught me about taking good care of my skin and that a healthy, glowing complexion is a woman's best beauty asset," said Claire, who usually chooses to skip mascara. "So I prefer a natural, minimal makeup look that emphasizes healthy skin; I still love to play and experiment with the newest Clarins makeup products. But for me, I like to highlight one feature which is usually my lip color." With that in mind, click above to watch Virginie accentuate Claire's lips (and cheeks) with pink, her sister's favorite color.