To Discuss: Michelle Obama’s Birthday Bangs


Michelle Obama has been on Twitter for over a year now, but today her office launched its very own handle, @FLOTUS, with a tweet about the first lady's birthday (happy 49!). But maybe that didn't make enough of a splash, so they one-upped themselves in rather spectacular fashion, posting a photo of Michelle Obama with ... BANGS! Blunt, thick, glossy ones, a little bit like Karlie Kloss's much-fussed-over "Chop" cut, only, well, just more. Whoever's behind her Twitter feed underplayed the new hairdo, writing, "The First Lady just met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall ahead of #MLKDay of Service." Which is important, of course. BUT THE BANGS. Are they the work of her longtime hairstylist, Johnny Wright? Are they real, or is she having some birthday fun with clip-ons, as we all do from time to time? Either way, her Inauguration Day look just got that much more exciting.