Drew Barrymore Hates Feathered Lipstick

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss

Last month, Drew Barrymore revealed that she spent her summer creating a complete collection of makeup exclusively for Walmart. "I was sweating and eight months pregnant," said the mom of now 4-month-old baby Olive (she posted photos to prove it on Facebook). "It was the hottest summer of my life; I had pigment up and down my arms, everyday." You could say that the actor, director, producer, and lover of flowers — not coincidentally, the name of her makeup line is "Flower" — was dedicated to the cause of making the best colors possible. Her most cherished items of the 181-piece project were the lip colors, which come in six different finishes if you count the Line & Shine lip liner. "I wore these lip colors day in and day out," she said of her intense road-testing period. "There's nothing more horrifying than walking away from a conversation and looking in the mirror and seeing your feathered lip; I'd rather have food stuck in my teeth because at least that's excusable."

The Petites Fleurs, another favorite from her line, are chubby sticks of stacking eye shadows, lip colors, and concealers which can be reconfigured (like those stacking crayons) into a single purse-perfect all-in-one makeup stick. Originally called "minis," she had an epiphany — not a single cosmetic company was buying into her concept — and decided to change their name to "petites," an idea she had while driving into a parking lot. The Petites are available in sets of three singular tubes, no longer than your index finger, that'll give you enough options to do up your whole face. "I don't want to carry around a Tonka truck in my bag," she remarked of other brands' larger-sized cosmetic offerings. "The makeup is getting bigger but bags are getting smaller."

Photo: Courtesy Photo

When we met her last night, she divulged that her own lip look for the evening — Chocolate Lily Velvet Lip Color layered over Toffee lip liner — was inspired by the nineties and spurred by her current sense of nostalgia. "I didn't start playing [with makeup] until I was 10 years old," remembering her first real beauty moment. "I got crazy because it was the eighties!" The most memorable was the look she wore to her 10th birthday party at Limelight where she remembers fellow guests like Stephen Pearcy and Billy Idol. "I had green eyeshadow from here," she said while pointing to her inner eye. "That I drew out to my ear; I always loved makeup."

Photo: Courtesy Photo