Fat Girl Revenge to Make Us Eat Many Feelings

Photo: Corbis

NBC Universal’s Oxygen Media announced its 2013 programming yesterday, and it marks a new low for the home of Bad Girls’ Club and All My Babies’ Mamas. Meet Fat Girl Revenge, from the producers of The Biggest Loser: “This is not another weight loss or makeover show, it’s a series about settling the score after the pounds have been shed,” the press materials state. Each episode follows two formerly overweight women standing up to their bullies — “ex-boyfriends, former classmates … even members of their own families” — post-weight-loss. Because you have no moral authority over mean people unless you’re thin?

Fat Girl Revenge may be the most depressing Oxygen offering, but it’s hardly alone in making us want to dive into a grapefruit-size muffin. Read the Oxygen press release for details on greenlit shows like Too Young to Marry? ("They might not be old enough to buy a six-pack or vote, but these couples think they are old enough to say 'I do'"), Propos’d (“Marriage obsessed women, who constantly push and nag their boyfriends for an engagement, finally get a taste of their own medicine”) and Find Me My Man (“Natalie and her team of romance strategists put these stubborn single ladies to the ultimate test”). Or, mix and match to create your own, future Oxygen pilots: Too Fat to Marry, Find Me My Baby Mama, Revenge Proposals.