Let the 2013 Red Carpets Begin!


Okay, so this weekend's Golden Globes kickoff party was a little quiet. Most of the really important celebrities were still off in Gstaad or Parrot Cay, or just at home squeezing in some extra treadmill time before awards season begins in earnest. What's more, this is probably the hardest time of year for a B-or-less-lister to get a decent red carpet gown. While stylists and their celebrity clients are clamoring for dresses, designers are all trying to secure their best pieces with the best people, who may or may not want to wear their clothes. It's a mess! Which means that, all things considered, the folks who ventured out on Saturday night did a relatively good job of putting clothes on.

It's too early to discern any red carpet trends that might carry into the awards shows, but Saturday brought quite few a embellished cream-colored dresses, as seen on Julie Bowen, Katie Cassidy, and Annika Marks. Both Naomi Watts and Kate Bosworth wore black cocktail attire, and Connie Britton went all-out with a floor-length red gown. Click through our slideshow of Saturday's Audi-sponsored pre–Golden Globes shindig, and know that it'll only improve from here.