Male Gaze: Adrian Grenier’s Curly Mop of Hair

Photo: Joe Scarnici/2011 Getty Images

After Warner Bros. green-lit the Entourage movie this week, Adrian Grenier was so glad to reprise his role as the womanizing Vince Chase (who has a thing for glistening, semi-greasy hair and button-ups) that he Instagrammed a photo of the crew and wrote over it in all caps. While his role as a dirt-to-riches club-hopping bro in Los Angeles isn't exactly our favorite, we're still excited to see his healthy mop of curly hair, scruff-tastic face, and smoldering gaze fill our television (or movie) screens. But for now, let's replay that soulful cameo in Britney Spears's "Crazy" music video. (He's obviously pouring drinks.)