Male Gaze: Andy Murray’s Solid Pecs

Photo: Barbara Walton/Corbis

We’ve become accustomed to seeing this Scottish tennis player in the heat of a game, whacking lime-green tennis balls with his blue eyes narrowed in concentration. Or flexing his toned forearms (accentuated by his terry wrist bands). Or celebrating a victory with a guttural roar (or just one tame finger pointing straight up to the heavens). This morning, the dimpled, brunette athlete, who looks good with a head full of curls or a buzz cut, beat Roger Federer at the Australian Open’s semifinal, securing his spot against (also-handsome) Novak Djokovic in the finals on Sunday. Now, we'll gladly watch him running up and down the court fully clothed any day. But somewhat unclothed? Feel free to watch the video below ... where he expertly swings around his racket as the camera naughtily lingers over his more-than-well-defined upper body, shown in its full glory. (Thank you, Guardian).