Male Gaze: Nicholas Hoult’s Strong Eyebrows

Photo: Mark Makela/Corbis

Nicholas Hoult, the English actor-slash-model who played Beast in X-Men: First Class, the sex-crazed teen heartthrob Tony Stonem in Skins, and little Marcus, the boy with intriguing eyebrows and a bowl cut in About a Boy, has officially grown up. And he's literally just become A Single Man. The actor, who dated his ex-co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, for roughly two years, confirmed their split last Friday. But we're positive that this cutie will rebound soon. On February 1, he'll be gracing the big screen with his famous brows, sea-green eyes, porcelain skin, and adorable side-grin in Warm Bodies, where he'll be playing a zombie in love. In the meantime, we're just crossing our fingers that he'll break into song — for old times' sake!