Male Gaze: Ryan Gosling’s Seductive Smirk

Photo: Wilson Webb/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Ah, Gosling, a real-life superhero and the pure essence of male perfection. The Gangster Squad heartthrob, who manages to make even onesies look sexy, makes us swoon yet again as he displays his intense gaze, sheepish smirk, and oddly seductive “phony accent” on the big screen, all while adorning his head with fedoras. Though the film only drew in $16.7 million this opening weekend, we're assuming the low turnout was not because of Gosling's looks. Watch him strut onscreen in sharp suits complete with boutonnieres — or just feel free to drool over Gosling's very own look book and zoom-gaze into those dreamy eyes. Honestly, we just want to be that drink glass he's holding … that's bound to meet his lips at any second.