Male Gaze: Zac Efron Was Spotted in Earmuffs

Photo: Lenny Abbot/

Is that Zac Efron? We could never figure out what it was about the shaggy-haired but immaculately groomed Disney star that made Vanessa Hudgens whip out her camera phone. But something’s changed recently. The messy hair and the five o'clock shadow certainly don't hurt, but it's more than that. Efron's first bid at a grown-up career, circa 2010, didn't quite pan out, and this more recent go-around has been a little dark, a little desperate. It's kind of hot. Like The Paperboy, for one. Letting a beautiful older woman pee on you is a rite of passage! Or at least it has been for Efron, ushering in a slightly edgy sex appeal. Like, what do you think he was going to do with all those dildos he was spotted near? Sure, sure, it was for a movie, but at least we were asking. Anyway, Zac, the earmuffs suit you. Please don't say they’re just for a role!