May the Best Nail Art Win: Ravens vs. 49ers

Photo: Jed Egan

Earlier this week, Illamasqua's Fleury Rose showed us how to use liquid eyeliner as a nail-art tool. Now, just in time for this weekend's Beyoncé Show Super Bowl matchup between San Francisco's 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, Rose whipped up two exclusive nail-art looks for the Cut, inspired by the teams' uniforms. For this example we used Illamasqua nail polishes, but any polishes in similar hues will work. Click to zoom in on the details, then try it yourself with the instructions below.

Polishes: Ruthless, ScorchBoosh, and Swinger

1. Paint entire nail with two coats of Swinger (gold). Allow to dry three to five minutes.
2. Apply Ruthless (red) like a reverse French manicure leaving an arch of gold near the cuticle. Allow to dry three to five minutes.
3. Using a thin, pointed paintbrush, apply a thin band of Boosh (black) along the cuticle.
4. Apply Scorch (white) along the free edge of the nail mimicking the shape of the red polish (almost like a bull’s eye).
5. Allow five to ten minutes for entire nail to dry; finish with top coat.

Polishes used: BaptisteSwinger, Scorch, and Boosh

1. Apply one coat of Swinger (gold) all over the nail. Allow to dry three to five minutes.
2. Using Baptiste (purple), paint half the nail with a slightly curved S-shaped line, leaving the other half gold. Allow to dry three to five minutes, then apply a second coat of Baptiste for deeper color.
3. Using a long, thin brush, apply pin stripes of Scorch (white) over the purple at the S-shaped line to separate the two base shades.
4. Clean your brush and repeat step three with a thin stripe of Boosh (black) outlining the white lines.
5. Allow five to ten minutes to dry; finish with top coat.