Obama Racking Up Spousal Brownie Points

US President Barack Obama (L) takes the oath of office from US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts as first lady Michelle Obama holds the bible and their daughters Malia (C) and Sasha (2nd R) look on in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington on January 20, 2013. Photo: LARRY DOWNING/AFP/Getty Images

An inauguration buzzkill piece published on Politico this morning attempted to convince us that the Obama White House is "not-quite Camelot" because the president and First Lady have only gone on dates to local restaurants eighteen times since he took office — "a fraction of the visits Obama has made to golf courses on the leafy outskirts of the district." Any other weekend, we might have bought it. But it's pretty hard to swallow during an inauguration when the president has been collecting spousal gold stars as he performs his ceremonial duties.

Not only did the president formally endorse his wife's bangs yesterday, he was also sworn in on a bible belonging to Michelle's grandmother, LaVaughn Delores Robinson. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the bible was given to Robinson — "the first female manager of a Moody Bible Institute Bookstore" — on Mother's Day, 1958, by Michelle's father. Now it will live in the National Archives. We're feeling a little get-a-room-you-two and we haven't even gotten to the dancing yet.