Rita Ora’s Pucci Concert Looks: Armored, Sparkly

Rita Ora in Pucci. Photo: Corbis

Rita Ora, fashion's favorite new pop star, commenced her Radio Active tour in Manchester, England, last night with a series of shiny, spandex-y looks designed by Pucci's Peter Dundas. The designer wagons have been circling Ora for a while, particularly as she's gotten attention from various Vogues as well as indie fashion magazines like i-D for her streetwear-meets-classy-meets-weird outfit combinations. (She's that kind of style unicorn who can pull off a combination of high-tops, fur, bright red lipstick, and a T-shirt printed with disembodied angel heads.) Anyway, she surely had several labels courting her when it came time to put together her concert looks, and instead of going the Rihanna route and tapping a fun stylist like Mel Ottenberg to cobble together looks by several designers, she pulled a J.Lo and had one guy design a whole sparkly wardrobe.

Peter Dundas, a man who knows his way around tight pants and spandex, was a good choice. According to British Vogue, he designed a handful of looks for her with structured, padded, high-necked tops that resemble sexy armor (there's even a cape somewhere in the mix). Continuing the obscure military references, he also designed a camouflage army-uniform-type ensemble, which she'll pair with a gold policeman cap. It sounds absurd and will look slightly ridiculous, like any great concert look should.