See Milly for Sperry Top-Sider’s New Shoes


In this video, Bradley O'Brien, vice-president of women's design at Sperry, and Michelle Smith of Milly unveil their second footwear collaboration. O'Brien says, "Milly has always been a brand I've personally admired and loved and so when we reached out to Michelle and she immediately wrote back with a big smiley face saying she couldn't wait to work with us," and Smith adds, "I've been wearing Sperry Top-Siders from the time that I was a kid so it's really a thrill to design my own spin on this very iconic shoe." They discuss indispensable design tools — for O'Brien, it's the iPhone, and Smith is "very particular" about her pens and pencils — who inspired them to break into the industry, and their favorite styles from the collection.