Vanessa Paradis Is Conscious for H&M

Photo: Courtesy of H&M

Paradis (who's much better off without Johnny Depp if you ask us, but you didn't!) is the face of the brand's environmentally sustainable line for spring, wearing a zip-up utility jacket, botanical-print pants, a ruffle-edged yellow sundress, and other looks. "I try my best to shop consciously, and vintage is very much part of my wardrobe," the French singer and actress said in a press release. "I love the style and it works in an eco-friendly way because I like to use and reuse old clothes." As part of the new Conscious campaign, the chain plans to collect customers' unwanted clothes and distribute H&M shopping vouchers for each bag of garments — maximum of two bags per customer per day. Wonder what Paradis will turn in. Likely a variety of hats and vest chains.