Zooming In: Kate Moss’s Thirsty-Ninth Birthday


My cousin Kate turned 39 yesterday, and to start what the Sun swears shall be a weeklong wine-tasting tour with husband Jamie Hince, the two stopped by a local pub to celebrate. Jamie, wearing a handsome blue coat over a leather jacket and a floral scarf to keep his head attached to his neck, chivalrously opened a gate for his bride; Kate introduced a pair of suede pants to the paparazzi — a birthday gift, perhaps? Or the result of venturing too far into one's closet while on a weeklong wine-tasting tour? She did manage to fasten her fly, however, leaving the zipper pull a bit exposed to remind us she's a trendsetter.

Jamie: "Is this really where we're going?" Kate: "Don't be such a tosser, Jamie."

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

The best part of the drunken stumble home, when you're famous, is that everyone takes note of your Louboutins.

Photo: Splash News/Corbis