Beautégram: Braids at Nicolas Andreas Taralis

Photo: Christina Han

The models backstage at Nicolas Andreas Taralis had two sets of braids in their hair: One, sitting on the tops of their heads, was tight and centered, while the other was a looser version at the end of their strands. It was almost as if someone started with an ultratight French braid, gave up in the middle, and then resumed again at the bottom but, even then, didn't secure it with a hair tie. When we asked hairstylist Ramona Eschbach about this lazy braid, we learned that the look isn't meant to last. "Nicolas has these metal headpieces, so the top center braid was created to secure those," she explained of the functional plait. "But the second braid will be brushed out right before the show so it'll look loose and wavy." Though we have to say, we're totally into the loose braid sans hair tie, which can be mastered by back-combing hair for added texture, then misting it with Oribe's Dry Texture spray, which provides enough "stick" for the ends to remain "invisibly" held together. It all looks so nonchalant and completely, uh, French.