Beautygram: Hair Pillows at Anna Sui


"Catherine Deneuve used to wear her hair up in a ponytail and let the ends fall down around her head," said hairstylist Garren of the models' poofy bouffants backstage at Anna Sui. "But we pinned the hair under today to look more cutesy and page-boy-like." The theme of the show, as it turns out, were the masculine-feminine extremes of the sixties, which apparently gave Garren license to chop Jessica Stam's hair into an "ingenue"-like boy crop just hours before the show. Stam wore a brave face, but she was probably secretly hoping no one would think she asked for The Lena Dunham. On the feminine side, Pat McGrath's makeup look consisted of extreme winged-out cat eyes with dots of black liner skirting the lower lash line. "Those dots make the eyes look a lot bigger; it's a cool, strong look," she explained. Cool and strong, maybe. Impossible to pull off in real life? Certainly.